Workshop 1: Competent! Leader?

Have you had a job where the thought of going to work just made you cringe? Or one where you just couldn´t wait for Monday to come again so you could get back to work? And you were willing to help out where needed? What was the difference between these two jobs? Perhaps the boss, the leader? In this workshop I´d like to look at leadership skills and discuss with you if any of these skills might be useful in our daily lives.

Barbara Hoerger, DTM is District 59´s current Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training. She has been a Toastmasters for 7 years and served in various club and district officer positions.
The Youth Leadership program is her favorite Toastmasters program.
Toastmastering is not her only hobby. She also loves traveling, and dancing.

Workshop 2: Managing Difficult Conversations

Thoughts and Tips On How to Prepare For and Conduct Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are part of our daily life, if we learn how to manage them positively, we will create goodwill for ourselves; a productive work environment and well-being for everyone involved. This 40 min. workshop will give you some ideas on how to deal with difficult conversations in your professional and private life.
We will talk about what makes them difficult, the importance of preparation, the role of emotions and cultural differences. We will look at differences between private and professional difficult conversations and ask ourselves: “are there any?

Liliana Winkelmann, M.A. is a trained economist and managing diversity expert; she has held teaching appointments at universities and colleges in the USA and New Zealand as well as Switzerland. Her interests include Positive Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Toastmasters.

Chris Sollberger, DTM, is a seasoned finance executive with working and living experience in more than a dozen countries in Europe and North America. His present activities and interests include Stressregulation, Teaching Business English, Positive Psychology and Toastmasters.

Workshop 3: Getting the most out of your Toastmasters Membership

The Toastmasters program may seem daunting to new members, and too simple to some longer-term members. In fact, it may take a while to discover all the riches the program has in store, the many gems it has to offer. In this session Silvana will share with you the not-so-obvious treasures of the Toastmasters program, and more importantly for you, how to get the most out of your membership investment.

Project Management Coach by profession, passionate Toastmaster by choice, Silvana Wasitova, DTM, has led global teams in delivering mission-critical projects at multinational corporations, including five years with Yahoo in USA and Europe, before that at Nortel Networks in Canada, and is currently an Agile Project Management Coach at Nestle in Switzerland.
Toastmasters member since 2002, Silvana joined to become a better speaker, and stayed because of the program’s power in helping members achieve their fuller potential.

Workshop 4: The impromptu challenge: “How to speak Off the Cuff”!

We all face situations where we have to speak, answer questions or present with no preparation beforehand. Whether at the Table Topics session or at our job we can only benefit from the art of impromptu speaking! Kamran gave his first Table Topics performance when he was just 6 years old! Today, Kamran will share his experience on how to become a better impromptu speaker and be able to speak off-the-cuff on any subject, on-demand and without preparation!”

Kamran Derakshan, ALB CL, joined Toastmasters 7 years ago and thus began his journey to becoming a more skilled communicator and a better leader. He is a senior project manager at Credit Suisse and is convinced that Toastmasters has greatly helped his career. Kamran is the immediate past president of the Mosquito Hill Club and the current Governor of Area E1.

Link to Workshops Flyer (pdf)