How does a Division work and What is in it for me?


As member of a Toastmasters club you know that your club has an executive committee whose purpose is to serve and lead your club. Besides that, their role is to help each individual member, like you, to progress towards their personal goals.


An Area is a collection of four to six clubs and an Area Governor is appointed (in District 59) to lead the Area. The role of an Area Governor is to provide help, knowledge and offer advice to the clubs that make up the area.
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A Division is generally, a collection of three to nine areas. Division E (that’s us) currently has four Areas, which will grow to a total of five Areas from July 2011. A Division Governor is elected to lead the Division. The role of Division Governor is to lead her or his division in setting and implementing the Division’s vision and strategy, as well as supervising and supporting his or her Area Governors.
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A District is a collection of Divisions and is led by an elected District Governor. Toastmasters Switzerland (Division E) belongs to District 59, Continental Europe. For more information on District 59, visit the District’s official website:

Map Regions of International ToastmastersToastmasters International

The Districts are grouped in Regions, which report to the World Headquarters of Toastmasters International in California, USA. To learn more about Toastmasters International, please visit its official website.