CelineCeline Horan

Once appointed VP Education in 2008 – 2009, Celine set about introducing Easy Speak into her young club.  Through her enthusiasm, patience, perseverance and technical savvy, she slowly persuaded her members to adopt Easy Speak as part of the Zuriberg Club ‘furniture’, which they eventually did. Her Club was awarded President’s Distinguished Club during her tenure.

As Area Governor, she has focused her energies on building and rebuilding.  Firstly, building confidence in some of her leaders; calling them to face challenges not yet experienced and enjoying seeing them blossom, through those challenges.

Secondly, she’s been busy establishing a corporate club, in Zurich (a first for her Area) and working on strengthening one of her weaker clubs, while never forgetting to call all her clubs to a high standard of excellence, at all times.

Her goal is to establish a Club Coach for the Freiburg club (as soon as possible) and for that same club to be in better premises by April 2011 and have 20+ members by May 2011.  Also, to have her first, Corporate Club, in Zurich and for that same club to charter with 20+ members by May 2011.

is how members are willing to rise to a challenge.  I also like their dogged determination to see projects through to full fruition, once they’ve committed themselves to that project; their enthusiasm and good old fashioned sense of fun and fare play. I’m very proud of my Area.